Professional Driver Designed and Used

Cam Lock Chain Tool was started and is ran with one key idea and motivation in mind, make chaining a commercial vehicle easier.  My name is Budd Hetrick, over 10 years ago I started developing the Industries first ratcheting semi chain cam tightening tool. Being a commercial driver myself, and being located in the Pacific Northwest, I spend a lot of time chaining my truck in the winter. Being I am a commercial driver myself, and not just some inventor, I had a set of goals when I sat down to design this tool that were mandatory in my eyes. I was tired of getting wet, becoming extremely cold, and I wanted my chains string tight the first time. I was tired of having to pull forward multiple times to be able to reach all the cams. I was also tired of having to constantly pull forward to just get the chains to reposition them selves on the tire so I could get the cams all closed and tight. Everyone knows these pains and aggravations that come with chaining a semi tractor trailer. To many times chaining is done as a very last resort. I had to find a better way, I know I found that way. Lots of individuals have tried to make copies of this tool, but none have ever been produced or manufactured with the attention to detail that we here at Cam Lock Chain Tool have put into the Cam Lock. This is no workshop tool adaptation. This is not some gimmick cheap pot metal tool. This is years of trial and failure, what works and what doesn't work. This is what not bringing something to market until I knew it wouldn't fail and break looks like. I hope everyone that has the need to chain a 22.5-24.5 inch commercial tire picks one up and gives it a try, I know you won't be disappointed.

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